We are advocating for architecture and design communities to move beyond damage limitation (sustainability) and toward a regenerative perspective. We aim to engage a consolidated group of architecture students across Canada with our platform. We call upon institutions of architecture to honor the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous People in all curricula and programming. Supernatural is a student initiative established in 2019.


Supernatural’s mission is to address environmental burdens of architecture both in education and practice and to advocate for architectural projects that positively participate and reinforce complex social and ecological systems at different scales. We facilitate critical dialogue in response to Climate Change through interdisciplinary collaboration, lecture series, and design workshops. Supernatural will actively and continuously hold an intersectional and egalitarian analysis in its programming and operating.


Supernatural’s mandate is to create a platform for architectural communities (including students, interns, researchers, faculty, and professionals) to actively shift education, research and practice in response to Climate Change. We aim to move beyond what is taught as best practice and challenge the current state of architectural conventions by encouraging critical inquiry into all scales of the design process. This includes but is not limited to extraction and transportation of materials, biogeophysical origin of materials, built and supporting environment, carbon reduction and decarbonization strategies, occupant experience and health, passive design principals and building life cycle analysis. Supernatural works to stay informed of research and data that has already been generated, and continue to build upon this body of knowledge. Additionally, we acknowledge that Climate Change and environmental degradation is both a symptom and a propeller of underlying social inequity, and we believe that environmental action offers opportunities to identify and disrupt systemic forms of oppression. Supernatural provides a flexible platform for socially-engaged programming, as well as cultivates relationships within an interdisciplinary framework that engage architectural design, research, experimentation, education and dissemination.